Azeztulite (009 Nude)


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FLAVO Gel Polish range named after healing crystals.  High quality,  colour consistent gel polishes suitable for experienced and beginners.

One colour coat will provide full coverage on majority of tones. For better lasting manicure, we recommend four coats: Flavo Base Coat, 2 coats of colour and Flavo Top Coat. Don’t forget to use FLAVO Gel Lamp to ensure your FLAVO gel polish cures fully. Each coat leave to dry in the lamp for at least 30 seconds.  Uncured gel products and nail products exposed to skin can cause allergies. Don’t forget to wipe off sticky residue at the end and apply FLAVO cuticle oil for a longer lasting set of gels. With FLAVO Gels your clients do not need to have breaks from gel manicures.

Please note, colour may look different to photos.

We offer accredited online courses in gel polish via ZOOM call. For more details text or call 07496128261.

Azeztulite Crystal  – treats cancer and inflammation, most of its work is spiritual vibration.


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