Lash Shampoo (Lash Foam Cleanser)


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Eyelash extension shampoo is specifically designed for cleaning lash extensions without any damage to them, and keeping great retention due to oil free formula.

Can also be used as make-up remover.

Upsell it to your clients, to avoid dirt build up during lash wearing.

We also recommend cleaning clients lashes with lash shampoo before starting an application or infill process. That way you ensure lashes are thoroughly cleaned to prevent eye infections and ensure great retention. (We also suggest using Flavo Primer for the best result) . 


What ensures 8 week retention with Flavo products: 

  1. Flavo Lash Shampoo
  2. Flavo Primer
  3. Flavo Glue
  4. Flavo Super Bonder


A combination of these products and correct application from a lash technician will deliver desired retention of your work. 

We recommend to stock and sell lash shampoos to your clients. That ensures your clients will not get eye infections from extensions, which could be caused by a buildup of every day dirt, makeup residue, dust etc. 

And ask clients to wash their lashes before infill appointment, that will save your precious time during the infill process.


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