Eyelash Glue (Thick + Thin) 2x glues


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Eyelash extensions glue package:

Glue 1: Flavo Yellow Sapphire- 8 week retention, thick consistency, strongest eyelash glue on the market. Drying time (1-2 seconds).

Glue 2: Flavo Yellow Quartz – 4 week retention, suitable for sensitive eyes clients, thin consistency, quicker drying time (0.5 seconds).


What do I need to make my clients’ lashes have 8 week retention? 

  1. Clean lashes with Flavo Lash Shampoo & let them FULLY dry
  2. Apply thin coating of Flavo Primer
  3. Use Flavo Lash Glue, thats no older than 3 weeks & has been stored appropriately. 
  4. Finish the treatment with Flavo Super Bonder, which will act like ‘lash hairspray’ and set lashes in place. 

A combination of these products and correct application from a lash technician will deliver desired retention of your work. Up to 8 weeks lasting lashes. 


Buy 2, and get each for just £21


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