Eyelash Glue (Thick + Thin) 2x glues



Eyelash extensions glue package:

Flavo Yellow Sapphire- 8 week retention, thick consistency, strongest eyelash glue on the market. Drying time (1-2 seconds).

Flavo Yellow Quartz – 4 week retention, suitable for sensitive eyes clients, thin consistency, quicker drying time (0.5 seconds).


Please remember to keep your glues in a tightly sealed lash glue pot. Glue also should be replaced every 3 weeks from the opening. It can be used for longer after that  but you will be losing its strength, and your lash sets not lasting as well.

Temperature of work for both glues 18-21depgrees. If higher room temperature, your glue will be travelling up your tweezers and sticking lashes to your tweezers.


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