Gel Pads 30x



A pack of gel pads contains two gels pads, one for each eye.

30 gels pad pairs.= 60 gel pads in total.


Why do I need to use gel pads?
Gel pads are essential for covering up bottom lashes.
We suggest to use it with a mixture of tape, as gel pads are standard shape, however each client has a different eyeshape. To ensure all bottom lashes are covered, we suggest to apply a small amount of tape in the missing areas.


Why Gel pads are better than using tape fully to cover bottom lashes?
-Gel Pads is a lot more gentle, and when removing it will not cause discomfort to your clients.
– Flavo Gel pads have hydrating for eyes, and clients undereyes will feel and look refreshed after lash appoitment. Reduces dark circles and puffiness.
– Lint Free

When lashing make sure your client avoids face movements (Talking, smiling, chewing a chewing gum), as that will make gel pads move upwards and get in eye tear line, which cause irritation. It may go red and be painful to blink.
If that has happened, we advise a visit a GP.

If client had an allegic reaction to your lash application, we also suggest to patch test gel pads.
As we have had a rare case in the past, when client appeared to be allergic to them.
On those types of clients we suggest to use a taping method instead.


How to use?
Remove plastic cover on each pad and gently appy on clients lower lashes, without touching tear line. Ensure all bottom lashes are hidden well, and gel pad isnt causing discomfort to the client.


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