Home Kit: Do your own Russians (Suitable for non-professionals)


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Saver tip: do your own lashes using FLAVO Russian Lash Home Kit.

What will you get: High quality, professional level Lash tray, Tweezers, Strong Glue, Lash Brush

– High quality strong lash grabbing tweezers (if you dont use them again, resell to a professional lash tech, they will appreciate them).
Be careful, as you may find them sharp. Only use in a well lit room. Careful around eyes. If you have a bad concentration or a bad eye sight, as your friend to do it for you.

– A tray of pre-made volume lashes (same as professional technicians use). Light fans won’t cause any damage to your own lashes.
Tray lengths 15mm -8mm. Use longer lengths outer corner, and shorter lengths inner corners of your eyes.
One tray will last you 1-3 applications depending how full/thick you like your lashes.

– Glue included in the kit is safe glue for a non-professional. Patch Test on the skin before use. If redness or swelling occurs, discontinue usage.

– Plastic Free lash Brush


Visit @FLAVObeautyproducts on Instagram for a video how to apply Home Kit Russian Lashes by FLAVO.

How to apply your own lashes?
1. Clean your eyes with FLAVO Lash Shampoo to ensure no oils remain on your lashes. Oil or oily products will make lashes fall our quicker.
2. Ensure lashes are dry before application.
3. Using Lash Lift Glue – brush it all over your natural lashes. You can apply lashes by closing one eye and operating on the other. Or you can keep both eyes opened during the treatments and apply lash fans from the base. Ensure glue does not touch inside of your eye.
Once glue applied try to apply lashes within 3 minutes. If you are a bit slower – apply lash glue on by sections and work on just that section.
4. Once all ashes applied, leave the to dry 5 minutes before brushing.

Lashes should last 2-3 days if you don’t get them wet and expose to humidity. Remove, stand under steamy shower or apply oil on them and GENTLY slide off. Do not pull, as they may come out with your natural lashes.
One Tray will last you 1-3 applications depending on the thickness.

Glue will  last you 3 months.
Tweezers will lash – unlimited time.
Lash Tray can be purchased on its own from our lash tray section.


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