Lash Remover Thin Gel


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Remover for eyelash extensions.
Thin gel remover 15ml will last you a long time.

Thin gel ensure it does not get into clients eyes, at the same time not too thick where you would struggle to brush it out.

Professional use only. Eyes must be tightly shut during lash removal procedure.

Remover will sting your clients eyes if you use it incorrectly.

– Gel Pads recommended to be used, as then client will have less skin contact with the product.
– Client to be sitting up, to ensure liquid doesn’t run into your clients eyes.
– Only a tiny amount to be applied on a Microfibre brush, and gently stroked along glue bonding area. Repeat till all extensions are off.
– Ensure your client doesn’t talk, squeeze their eyes etc, as there is more chance for product to get into clients eyes.
– After removing, clean clients lashes with lash shampoo, and dry them with an cotton bud before letting your client to open their eyes.
– Recommend for client to use Lash Growth Serum.


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