Masterclass + attendance certificate



Masterclasses offered on all courses we teach.   All courses and Masterclasses taught by accredited educator, beauty teacher and salon owner.
Price is for one hour masterclass. Can be done as online conference call or face to face. Two Locations: Cheshunt (London) or Bishop’s Stortford (Hertfordshire).

This is not a qualification. This is extra knowledge and help to improve your treatment. You must hold certificate in the subject you choose to do masterclasses.

When would you need a masterclass?

  1. Why are my treatment not lasting on a client?
  2. What can I do to improve time of my treatment?
  3. I have a difficult client, I dont know how to resolve her complaint.
  4. What products should I use for better retention?
  5. I am struggling with a treatment, I dont know where to start to help me?
  6. I want to learn something new and improve my skill
  7. I feel like course I attended didnt provide me with enough information.

Russian Manicure, Gels, Acrylics, Hard Gel.
Make up skills


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