Non- Surgical Nose Job



Non-surgical nose job is offered as 1-2 session treatment. (Depending on the nose shape and clients expectations and treatment safety).
Session one involves COG/Thread nose correction. This is done in two cases: to uplift nose tip, and/or correct nose asymmetry.
Cog is the safest way to carry out non-surgical nose job. 1. It doesnt add extra product into nose (i,e filler, leaving it natural but shaped) . It can give super natural or quite artificial results depending on clients needs.
If second session is required, we will use COG again or filler into areas that require improvement.

Amount of sessions will depend on clients expecations and safe result delivery.

Non-Surgical nose job are the most long-lasting non-surgical treatment. Nose is alsmot non-moving zone which means product wear down is minimal.
Cogs normally last 1-3 years. When it comes to nose, we are confident to say it will last a while.

Filler is reverasable – can be dissolved at any time client decides to change/ remove enhancement.

P.S We do not use Mono Cogs. We have a strong belief they do not provide strongly visible results, and should mostly be only used for collagen boost. Nose job is most certainly not the right place for them. They tend to be a lot cheaper as a treatment as well if you have been quated a cheaper price elsewhere.
With Cogs you always want to check if person providing quote is basing it on COG Threads (visible results instantly + over time)  or Monos (Mostly used for collagen boost, which also could be achieved with a medical grade facial without piercing your skin),


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Millars Three site –
Walking from Bishop’s Stortford Train Station – from the main entrance cross car park diagonnaly to your left. You will see river and a white bridge going across. Red brick building is home to FLAVO. We are on the ground floor next to The Pizza Guys, Work From Home, Terry Tattoos & Graham Dance School. 

Driving: From Southmill Road, we are on your right. Millars Three red brick building. From Bowls Club & Jolly Brewers Pub, we are on the opposite side of the road, as you are moving towards South Mill Art Centre & Bishop’s Stortford Museum. 


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