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Acrylic Powder 120g

Boost your nails with our 120g Acrylic Powder—easy to apply, long-lasting, and perfect for creative nail art. Elevate your style effortlessly!

Cuticle Cutter & Pusher Set

Cuticle Cutter & Pusher Set Can be used at home, to maintain your nails in-between manicures. How to use: First

Hard Gel Builder – UV

UV Hard Gel – FLAVO Beauty Supplies No heat spike formula. Clear. 100g

Organic Body & Hand/Foot Scrub

Organic Body & Hand/Foot Scrub Can be used at home in the shower, to scrub off all dead skin and

Rubber Base Coat

Rubber Base Coat This is a thicker and stronger base coat, which is similar to BIAB (builder gel). How to

Rubber Top Coat

Rubber Top Coat This is a thicker and stronger top coat, which is similar to BIAB (builder gel). How to

500psc Nail Tip Box

10 different nail bed sizes. Best used for extending nails in preparation for acrylic, hard gel or polygel application. 500

Acrylic Liquid EMA

Safe and strong acrylic liquid to be used in a mixture with acrylic powder. Fast drying liquid prevents leakages outside

Cuticle Cutter

Durable cuticle cutters for long-lasting use. Caution: sharp blades, use with care, and avoid prolonged water exposure.

Cuticle Pusher

Premium Cuticle Pusher: Durable design for lasting use. Flat end for gentle cuticle pushing, sharp tip for precision. Elevate your grooming.