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10x Minoxidil Hair Growth Amouples for microneedling

Box of 10x plastic easy to open ampule Active Ingredient! – Must be used within 60 minutes from opening One

1ml Premium Cat A Filler

1ml of filler -including nose and tear through areas. To pay directly in the clinic, prices for 1ml start from

Anti-Gravity Sculpting

Gusha with heat and light therapy. Do you experience puffy face in the morning? Are you a smoker and like

Beauty Deposit £20

This deposit can be applied on any beauty treatment as used within 6 months from the purchase date. Our prices

Consultation £20

Consultation is a two-way communication between yourself (client) and skin experts/injector. Consultation does not imply we should go ahead with

Face Threads – full face lift

3 areas (excluding neck) PDO COG Thread Lift Please note, prices on the website are higher, due to charges payment

Full Face Reconstruction 45+

Price higher, than payments made directly to the Flavo Clinic, due to charges added by external financial companies Perfect for

Full Medical Grade SkinCare / Hair Growth Package

Full Skin Care Package with IN-dependentSkin Includes: Skin Video Consultation  + Physical Copy of treatment plan to follow for 60-weeks

Gift Card £100

If you are purchasing it for your own use – select  method of delivery – ‘Collection’ If you are buying

Glow with FLAVO – Full Transformation from Top to Bottom

Exclusive package for a full transformation into a new person. Enhancing your individuality ALL OF THIS IS INCLUDED IN YOUR

IN-PEN Home Use Collagen Device

Includes: £290 the device, free video skin consultation and a treatment plan. Does not include IN-Serums and IN-Pins. However these

Radio Frequency Eye Wand

Brighten up your skin around the eyes. Best used with IN-dependentSkin Serum