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Eyelash Growth Serum

Eyelash Growth Serum Suitable to be used while having eyelash extensions or lash lift (LVL), will not cause them to

Lash Shampoo

Eyelash Foaming Cleanser Shampoo To be used when wearing eyelash extensions to get rid off dirt, oil, makeup, grease etc.

Lash Tweezers – Separating, Classic and Russian

Lash Separating Tweezers – Choose either curved or straight. These are staple lash tweezers, perfect for easily separating lashes.  

Sensitive Eyelash Glue

Expiry date: 3 weeks from opening Strictly avoid contact with skin and eyes. Long-term inhaling of the glue fumes and

Eyelash Extension Glue (Super Strong)

Eyelash extension glue for professional and qualified lash artists. Suitable for all styles: Classics, hybrids, Russian, Volume lash application. ONE

Glue container (fits 3x glues)

Flavo Glue Container fits 3x glues. Tightly sealed to ensure minimum air and humidity getting into your glue. Glue bottle

Lash Mirror

Helps to clients lashes without getting up to look at them at a different angle. One time investment. No expiry

Lash Palette

Flavo Lash palette to be war on your hand/arm for a comfortable and quick lashing. Numbers indicate 8mm-15mm, however you

Lash Primer

Flavo Lash Primer (15ml) is the step 2 of a successful and long lasting lash application.  Why would I need