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Gel polish colours

Selection of 300+ colours, with 8-week retention.

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Lash products

Lash trays, Lash Super Bonder, Lash Glue, Sticky Gel Pads.

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Nail Extensions & Support Nail Products

Acrylic Powder, Hard Gel, Acrylic Brushes, Nail Art Brushes.

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Lash lift & brow lamination

Kits & Separate Sachets, Sticky Rods, Brow Cling Film.

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Metal Tweezers

Brow Tweezers, Eyelash Tweezers, Callus Cutters.

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Botox, Filler, Face Cog & Mono Threads.

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FLAVO Training Academy

Accredited Beauty Courses in Nails, Lashes, Waxing, Aesthetics.

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Support Materials

Gel Pads, Serums, Glue Holders, Brushes, Storage, Cleaning Products.

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Salon Furniture & Lamps

LED Lamps, Dust Collector, Ring Lights, Nail Stations, Eyelash Beds, Eyelash Pillows.

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