Lash Lift Glue


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Expiry date: 3 months after opening date. (At frequent use 1 month)
Strictly for professional use only.
Patch test required on EVERY product used on the client (including gel pads & lift glue).

Not compatible with water. (If you client gets a watery eye, please dry it fully before applying the glue).

Lash Lift process using Flavo Lash Lift Range:

  1. Apply Flavo Gel pads ensuring all bottom lashes are under a gel pad.
  2. Apply a thin layers of Flavo Lash Glue onto Lift Rod and place it onto clients eyelid.
  3. Cover clients natural lashes in a thin layer of Flavo Lift Glue and brush them up against the rod on the eyelid. If unsticking, repeat the process. Wait 3 minutes to ensure all natural lashes are places and staying on the rod.
  4. Apply a thin layer of Step 1 (Flavo Lifting Balm) on the vase of natural lash line, by not touching the ends, and ensuring balm hasnt rolled down to a tear line area.
    Leave it 0n for 5-8 minutes depending on clients lash type. Thick lashes, will need longer.
    Thin lashes (or someone who lash lots of baby lashes) will need no more than 5 mins.
    Please note, the warmer the room, the quicker process time.
  5. Gently remove brush Flavo Lifting Balm by swiping upwards with a cotton bud.
  6. Apply Step 2 – Neautrilizer Lotion – apply a thin layer on the same area where Step 1 was applied to. Leave it 3 minutes less than step 1. (I.e if you left step1 on for 8 minutes, then step2 leave for 5 minutes.)
  7. Gently wipe step2 using cotton bud.
  8. If you client would like to do lash tinting then follow your tint manufacturer steps from here onwards. If client is just having lifting, then gently remove lift rods and brush glue out.
  9. Remember, whilst lashes are still damp you should only brush them upwards. Just like curly hair. If you keep harshly brushing it down, it will lose its curl.


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