Eyelash Extension Glue (Super Strong)


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Eyelash extension glue for professional and qualified lash artists.

Suitable for all styles: Classics, hybrids, Russian, Volume lash application.


8 week retention. Very strong.

Drying time 0.5-1.5 seconds depending on the temperature and humidity level in the room.

For the best retention use within 2-3 weeks from the opening date.

Best before 6 months from the purchase date. 5ml

How can I ensure my work has the best retention?

Steps I need to follow:

  1. Flavo Lash Shampoo to ensure no makeup or mascara on client lashes. Apply foam onto clients lashes using a lash brush. Dab off dry.
  2. Apply Flavo Super Bonder Primer with a microfibre brush. Leave to dry 2-3 minutes.
  3. Appy set of lashes using Flavo Lash Glue and Flavo Lashes.
  4. 2-3 minutes after set completion apply Flavo Coating Sealer, and leave the client to dry for 5 minutes.

How to store my glue without it drying out and becoming gooey?

  1. Keep your lid residue free and tightly closed
  2. Keep your glue in a Flavo Glue container and closed. (See our Lash Support Material Section)
  3. Change the glue in a glue ring every 15 mins, by wiping off previous residue with an ear bud.
  4. Replace glue bottles every 2-3 weeks.
  5. Keep humidity level low and temperature 18 degrees in a room. Anything higher, will cause glue drying out a lot quicker. Summer seasons we recommend always to have a spare glue in stock
  6. Ideal humidity level 45% – 60% (Humidifiers available in our Support Materials Section)
  7. Avoid using Sensitive glues from other brands.

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