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Flavo Lash Primer (15ml) is the step 2 of a successful and long lasting lash application. 

Why would I need to use Flavo Lash Primer?

  1. Primer will ensure glue works at the right heat, without damage to natural lashes (like a heat control spray for hair before curling it).
  2. Reduces amount of fumes (and potential allergies & eye watering during the appointment).
  3. Leaves natural lashes with unnoticeable stickiness, which ensures extension retention and long lasting results. 


What do I need to make my clients’ lashes have 8 week retention? 

  1. Clean lashes with Flavo Lash Shampoo & let them FULLY dry
  2. Apply thin coating of Flavo Primer
  3. Use Flavo Lash Glue, thats no older than 3 weeks & has been stored appropriately. 
  4. Finish the treatment with Flavo Super Bonder, which will act like ‘lash hairspray’ and set lashes in place. 

A combination of these products and correct application from a lash technician will deliver desired retention of your work. Up to 8 weeks lasting lashes. 


How to apply? 

Apply a thin coating of product using Microfibre Brush. Let it dry for 2 minutes before applying lashes. 

Tip: For clients with extra oily skin, if weather is over 25 degrees outside, if client has watery eyes, or client says lashes dont lash well on him/her = use primer 2-5 times throughout the treatment.

For professional use only!


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